Road classrooms teach traffic lessons for free

Jul 17, 2018-The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has started one-month road safety drive, including innovative on-road classrooms, starting from Sunday in a bid to reduce road accidents.

Over the last two days, Traffic Police officers have given 20 minute ‘on road’ classes to 1,106 pedestrians in the valley who habitually walk on roads or cross roads from anywhere.

Officers gave jaywalkers lessons on traffic lights, zebra crossings, subways, overhead bridges, traffic rules and regulation and general civic responsibility. MTPD data shows 45 percent deaths of road accidents in Nepal occur because people cross roads in a haphazard manner.

The MTPD has set up check posts at 22 zebra crossings in the valley and 12 places in over-head bridges.

On Monday, traffic officers gave 20-minute road lessons to 400 pedestrians who did

not use zebra crossings and overhead bridges in Kathmandu. In Lalitpur, officers gave lessons to 153 rule violators.

On the first day of the drive, traffic police booked 400 people in Kathmandu and 189 in Lalitpur.

The MTPD has deployed 200 traffic police officers at various places in the valley from 9-11 am and 4-6 pm. The MTPD had run such a campaign initiative last year.

Officers had slapped jaywalkers with Rs200 fine for violating traffic rules. However, it was withdrawn later following severe criticism from public. The then Home Minister Janardan Sharma instructed the MTPD to withdraw the decision.

MTPD Spokesperson Surendra Mainali said, “This drive is more effective because we do not fine lawbreakers, instead, we make jaywalkers stand in a rectangular space on the spot, and teach them traffic rules using a public address system.”

Traffic police are running on road classes at Thimi, Koteshwor, New Baneshwor, Thapathali, Jorpati, Purano Bus Park, Gausala, Kalimati, and Kalanki including other places where there are zebra crossings are available.

Traffic police are also running the on road classes where there are overhead bridges such as in Bhotahiti, Jamal, New Bus Park, Ratnapark, and Sahid Gate.

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