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Welcome to the What Is Easy 1Up – Review!

I have been getting several emails recently about Easy 1up, so I decided that I should investigate them to find out what it’s really about.

You see, many people usually get scammed by jumping into a system without first doing a thorough research.

I am not that type of person, and I am certain that you share the same view.

I am glad that you are here now, because you are going to get the answers that you should know before you make your decision to join or not to join the Easy 1up system.

In this important Easy 1Up Review, I will go through:

-What Is Easy 1Up

-Who Are The Owner(s)

-The Easy 1up Product(s)

And also other important information.
Company: Easy1Up
Website: http://easy1up.com
Type: Cash Gifting
Owner: Peter Wolfing
Price To Join: $25 – $500 + 10% Admin Fee
Program Rating: 8/10
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Easy 1Up Review – What Is Easy 1Up?

Easy 1Up is branded as a digital education product with a reverse 1up .

The most vivid information that I saw on the website were buttons for the “HOME”, “PRODUCTS”, “LOG-IN” AND “START NOW”.

I decided to do some further research to make sure Easy 1Up was legit…

My research reveals that a man by the name of Peter Wolfing is associated with Easy 1Up.

Peter Wolfing is an entrepreneur according to his official facebook page.

When I did a website lookup search, I discovered that the domain name was set to private.

However, I checked the hosting and found out that the Easy 1Up is on the same private server as another website known as the Ultimate Cycler..

Peter Wolfing has also launched quite a few other programs over the years.There are other programs out there developed by Wolfing.

So now you know a bit about the Easy 1Up company.  Let us now proceed to the Easy 1Up “products”.

Easy 1Up Review – The Products

Pay very close attention here, especially if you are planning on buying a membership from the Easy 1Up system.

The Easy 1Up IS the actual product.

Affiliates of the Easy 1Up are only able to earn money by selling the membership itself.

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you automatically gift the affiliate who recruited you $25- $500 (depending on which membership you buy).

Let us look at what each membership is all about:

$25 Membership – A series of Affiliate marketing videos + a network marketing basics course.

$100 Membership – This is a Cash Generating series of videos along with methods of free marketing.

$250 Membership – This is an advanced Video series covering Digital Business.

$500 Membership – This is a live business building course and is suited for the more advanced marketer.

This should now cover the affiliate membership and you should now have a clear understanding of the Easy 1Up Product.

Easy 1Up Review – Compensation Plan

This Easy 1Up Compensation may seem a bit confusing to some people, so pay extra special attention while I do my best to explain it:

Firstly, you should know that as an affiliate of the Easy 1Up System, you will be able to get payments daily instead of the normal fortnightly or monthly payments most affiliates are used to seeing.

Payment is made via bitcoin, solid trust pay, merchant account, western union & also the very popular; Paypal.

The Easy 1Up Compensation Plan is simply an affiliate marketer gifting $25 – $500 to the person whose link they signed up under (sponsor).

You then have an affiliate who you sponsor do the same when they purchase their membership and so on and so forth…

These payments are tracked and paid through what is known as a “Unilevel Compensation Plan” with a 1 up model.

To give you a better understanding of what a 1 up level is, I have provided an easy to understand diagram below:

The Unilevel Compensation plan places an affiliate (green man) on top of the “pyramid” structure.

Every personally recruited affiliate is placed directly under you (larger red men – first level).

If a first level affiliate were to ever recruit a new member into to Easy 1up system, that new affiliate would be placed on the second level of pyramid diagram (smallest red men – Second Level).

If a second level affiliate were to successfully recruit a new member, those new affiliates are then placed on the third level (blue men) and so on – you get the idea, right?

The Easy 1Up model sees members pass up their payment to their sponsor.

The same applies for every other affiliate that they recruit into the system.

The gifting payments are made across each of the four tiers within Easy 1Up, with higher levels automatically qualifying an affiliate to receive payments across the lower levels.

A gifting payment of $500 qualifies an Easy 1up affiliate to earn commissions across all four tiers.

Therefore, affiliates who enter at the $500 level waives the pass-up component of the compensation plan. (You earn all commissions)

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