Staff shortage has affected execution of justice

Jun 24, 2018-Acting Chief Justice has Deepak Raj Joshee has remarked that the shortage of employees has affected the execution of justice.

Acting CJ Joshee, who arrived here in Gorkha to monitor the district court on Sunday, said the court has not been able to fill the vacancies at the court since 2006. The judiciary has said that it requires additional 1700 staffers for its smoothing function.

“The number of court cases has surged by two times but the number of employees is low,” said Joshee. He said that he would work to manage the judiciary by implementing five the -year plan.

Joshee observed the newly constructed building of Gorkha District Court here. After the 2015 earthquake destroyed the old building, the new one was built with cooperation from district project implementation unit under the National Reconstruction Authority. The six-storey building was built with a cost of Rs 160 million.

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