Women have taken responsibility to repair nine rural roads

Jun 24, 2018-Among the 78 workers deployed for maintenance of roads, 60 are women. They are working at Chuniya-Namtar, Phaparbari-Raigaun-Kyantin, Daman Dadabas, Gairigaun-Dadabas, and Hattisudhe-Shikharpur among other rural roads in the district.

After women started the maintenance of rural roads, vehicles ply the roads even during heavy rain. The women are dedicated to their jobs and are seen working even in rains.Santoshi Sunar, 33, a local woman, said she has been working for the maintenance of Chuniya-Namtar road for the last four years.

A group of seven women is involved in the maintenance of Chuniya-Namtar road. They receive a salary of Rs 13,500 per month.

Rural Municipality-10 Ward Secretary of Kailash said, “In the past, we could only run vehicles in Chuniya-Namtar road during winter. Now, the vehicles ply during rain because of the efforts of local women.”The District Technician Office (DTO) has deployed women to maintain roads. Villagers also have admired women’s work.

DTO Engineer Somnath Timalsina said the vehicles could travel smoothly in rainy season due to their (women) good maintenance work.Local Development Officer Narayan Prasad Mainali said women are capable to maintain roads. “They are also competent to do this job,” he said.

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