Fear of flood looms large in settlements near bank of swollen Mahakali River

Darchula – Fear of floods, erosion and inundation has increased among people living in settlements close to the bank of the Mahakali River after the river has swollen following three days of incessant rainfall.

The people of these settlements have started recalling the devastating flood in the Mahakali River five years back which caused havoc in the district and downstream with the rising water level in the river and the rains not abating.

The water level in the river on Monday morning was measured at four metres nine centimetres, which fell to three metres and nine centimetres in the evening, said Raj Kumar Ghimire. But the possibility of water level rising remains as it has again started raining, he added.

The fear of possible flooding is palpable in Sunsera, Huti, Dattu, Lali, Uku among other settlements which are located near the bank of the Mahakali river. The people of these settlements stay awake whole night fearing the worst.

“We stay awake at night for fear of flood with rain not abating and the water level in the river rising,” said Nirmala Chand of Malikarjun Rural Municipality-7.

The district administration office has mobilised Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force personnel in the settlements near the river bank for precautionary measures and for emergency rescue and relief.

Life has been thrown out of gear in the district due to the continuous rain. The Darchula-Tinker road has been obstructed as the road has been washed away due to erosion at various places. Traffic has been obstructed due to landslide at couple of places on the Shree Bagad-Ratakatha road section.

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