NC slams govt, disrupts Upper House

Jul 5, 2018-The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) on Wednesday attacked the government for functioning in an autocratic manner and ignoring the legitimate rights of two protesters on indefinite hunger strike and its decision to declare key places in the city, including Maitighar Mandala as no-protest zones.
The party plans belligerent action in the Parliament and threatens street protests if the ruling government does not mend its stance and hear citizens’ issues.
NC Parliamentary Party leader in the Upper House Surendra Pandey claimed the incumbent government replicates the autocratic rule of ex-King Gyanendra. NC lawmakers in the Lower House led by Bharat Shah too slammed the government and asked it respond in the House.
NC’s bellicose resurgence today follows a brainstorming of top leaders on Tuesday evening that agreed to aggressive posturing. This strategy comes after months of intra-party feuding and factional satraps criticizing top leaders of being ‘weak’ and keeping silent over citizens’ pressing issues and the government’s ‘unpopular’ decisions.
The NC leadership’s renewed zeal on Wednesday saw raising its pitch in the Parliament. The leaders have also urged its sister organizations to take to street protests.
The top leaders’ strategised on how to organise and muster strength against the government at their meeting on Tuesday.
The party decided to move on both fronts one at a time, one senior NC leader said.
As a result, the party called its Parliamentary Party meeting on Wednesday morning where some NC leaders such as Minendra Rijal and Gagan Thapa urged party leaders to take bold decisions on key current issues that would help the party garner support from the public as well.
The NC’s key issues to attack the ruling party are, the quashing of civil liberties, declaring no-protest zones in the city, the deteriorating health condition of Ganga Maya Adhikari who is in Bir Hospital on an indefinite hunger strike, seeking justice for her son Krishna Prasad Adhikari murdered 13 years.
The Congress also expressed concern over the health condition of neurosurgeon Dr Govinda KC who is on an indefinite hunger strike in Jumla since June 30. Dr KC demands reforms in health and education sectors and opposes the no-protest zones declared by the government in the city.
NC Parliamentary Party leader in the Upper House, Surendra Pandey urged the government to reply in the NA why it has enforced so many restricted areas in Kathmandu. He also raised the poor health condition of Adhikari slamming the government for ignoring her plea for justice.
Pandey threatened the opposition would not let the House proceed with its business unless the government addresses these urgent issues.
The NC PP meeting on Wednesday decided to depute a group of lawmakers to inquire about the health condition of Dr KC in Jumla.
Expressing solidarity with Dr KC’s demand, the NC decided to send members of House of Representatives – Prakash Snehi and Rangamati Shahi, and Province Assembly member Dinbandhu Shrestha to ascertain the health condition of Dr KC, said Party’s Chief Whip, Bal Krishna Khand. The party also demanded the government to prepare the Medical Bill based on past agreements signed by the government.
The NC also decided to depute HoR members—Parbata DC Chaudhary, Amaresh Kumar Singh and Bed Timalsina to visit Adhikari and ascertain her health condition. The NC also demanded the government to quash its decision to declare no-protest zones in Kathmandu as well as to carry out market monitoring to control the rising prices of essential commodities. “Citizens’ have been hit hard by the soaring inflation. The government should take serious note of the decreasing income levels of public while inflation increases. We urge the government to take immediate steps to curb inflation immediately,” the NC said.
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