Five arrested with arms and ammunitions

Jul 5, 2018-Police have made public five individuals arrested in possession of huge cache of weapons and ammunitions from Sankhuwasabha on Thursday.
According to District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha, DSP Shyam Kumar Saru Magar, Kedar Rai of Batemba, Silichong Rural Municipality-5, Surendra Rai of Chichila-2, Purna Kumar Rai of Silichong-4, Surya Bahadur Rai of Silichong-4 and Mohammad Minna Khan of Bihar, India have been arrested.
The police have recovered a pistol with engravings—7657 USA–, 14 rounds bullets, 2 magazine, 2 three-not-three rifle, one homemade pistol and bullets, one musket and explosive materials from the arrestees.
Likewise, the police have also recovered 10 bullets of the three-not-three rifle, explosive materials inside the bullet cover, wired detonator and a remote control.
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